Moneil Multifamily Group is dedicated to acquiring and optimizing the value of multifamily and other commercial real estate assets through a commitment to improve operations and add value through strategic planning. Its overall mission is built on a foundation of four supporting fundamentals:

  • Investor Mission: To provide competitive and above-average returns in real estate investing without the headaches of daily involvement and through an environment of open communication.
  • Tenant Mission: To foster a sense of community by treating residents with courtesy, fairness and respect.
  • Employee Mission: To create a sustainable environment that rewards achievement, dedication and personal integrity.
  • Partner Mission: To welcome new partnerships in multifamily acquisitions that leverage each party's strengths in order to be of best service to tenants, employees and investors.

Vinod "Vinney"


Key Principal

Vinod “Vinney” Chopra is a real estate syndicator, a multifamily real estate trainer, and an active California Real Estate Broker. Through affiliated companies in which Vinney maintains control and all or a portion of the ownership (the “Moneil Affiliates”), he and his team have syndicated 26 properties. The Moneil Affiliates collectively have acquired and managed a real estate investment portfolio worth more than $200 million.

Vinney is a mechanical engineer who shifted his focus to marketing and motivation after graduating from The George Washington University and finishing his Master’s in Business Administration in Marketing. He and his wife began investing in real estate in 1983 and presently own or control single-family homes and multifamily properties in Texas, California, Georgia, Arizona and India.

For the past seven years, Vinney has served as the president of The Ideal Investments Group, a multifamily investment company whose affiliated companies have acquired and controlled assets worth approximately $70 million. His team of professionals has successfully increased the net operating income (and value of each of these properties to date. Some of these Properties have subsequently sold at prices yielding a healthy profit that has been shared with Investors.

Subsequently, Vinney became the founder, CEO and Key Principal of Moneil Investment Group, LLC, and Moneil Management Group, LLC. The Moneil Affiliates have acquired and controlled assets with a current estimated value of approximately $132 million through 12 syndicates. Moneil Management Group, LLC was formed to provide property management services for assets controlled by Moneil Affiliates.


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