The Company’s eventual diverse pool of secured real estate investments will offer its Members the opportunity to earn an 8% cumulative preferred annualized return plus 60% of the Company’s Distributable Cash, which shall be distributed to the Members in proportion to each Member’s respective capital contribution to the Company.

The Manager is constantly receiving pocket and off-market listings from its network of brokers. The underwriting team is evaluating opportunities daily to find ideal opportunities for strong cash flows with strong equity gains upon later sale.


The Company’s pooled investment structure allows it to raise funds in advance of purchase, which gives it a competitive “all-cash” advantage over other purchasers who have to raise the money prior to closing. This allows the Company to acquire off-market deals (pocket listings) for quick sale, from highly motivated sellers needing to sell, from auctions, from institutions, or from other sellers who desire a quick and certain close and are often willing to reduce the price to ensure it.

Additionally, because the Company will acquire multiple properties, one producing property can offset initial shortfalls in another (such as a repositioning project). In a pooled investment fund, the positive cash flow from multiple properties can provide continued cash flow to share with investors while individual properties might be in various stages of rehabilitation, stabilization or sale.


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