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About the Sponsor - Moneil Investment Group, LLC

Moneil Investment Group, LLC is dedicated to acquiring and optimizing the value of multifamily and other commercial real estate assets through a commitment to improve operations and add value through strategic planning. Its overall mission is built on a foundation of four supporting fundamentals:

  • Investor Mission: To provide competitive and above-average returns in real estate investing without the headaches of daily involvement and through an environment of open communication.
  • Resident Mission: To foster a sense of community by treating residents with courtesy, fairness and respect.
  • Employee Mission: To create a sustainable environment that rewards achievement, dedication and personal integrity.
  • Partner Mission: To welcome new partnerships in multifamily acquisitions that leverage each party's strengths in order to be of best service to tenants, employees and investors.

The Company has built a strong team with officers including a Vice President of Multifamily Operations, Vice President of Financial Operations, Vice President of Investor Relations, Director of Marketing, and Director of Information Technology.

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Meet the Property Management Team

Moneil Management Group, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, has a team of over 50 personnel who provide property management services to properties sponsored by Moneil Investment Group, LLC and its affiliates.

The team includes community managers, human resources, accounting, maintenance and leasing staff currently located in Texas and Georgia, with plans to expand as needed to manage Fund properties.

By keeping property management in-house, we are able to consistently control costs, quality, and the experience of our tenants.

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What Moneil Investors Say

Below are comments from investors who have invested in other Moneil-affiliated properties.

The Moneil team is amazing, very professional & keeps us updated with property financials & performance. It's a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team. —Ray K (Houston)

Vinney and Moneil provide a platform for investing in real estate. By using their vast experience, they choose the properties which have good potential to grow over a 5-year period. So far they have met the expectations and promises they made. I am happy with their services. —RP

Vinney, the Moneil Group, and his hard-working management team make investing a pleasure. They excel in their transparent communications, possess exceptional follow-through skills with us, and keep investors informed about the operational and financial performance of our assets. I'm honored and humbled to be in business with them. —D.W.H

We have found Vinney to be a very honest and hard-working individual and completely transparent. He will take all the time you need to answer any question you may have about the investment or how to structure it and truly goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and informed. We could not be happier. It is refreshing to be associated with such a fine man who has built a fine company and surrounded himself with a great team. —Steve & Heide S.

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Ready for the Next Step?

Please call Vinney at 925-766-3518 to obtain a copy of the Offering Documents. Do not wire any funds without connecting with Vinney personally at the above phone number. Any instructions you receive by email should be confirmed with a phone call. 

Or you can click the button here to go to Vinney's Calendly page, where you can schedule an appointment at a time convenient to you.